The AgriProgress Project

Creating tomorrow's farmers
The AgriProgress project presents an opportunity to invest in the establishment of a new enterprise which facilitates the hosting of learners in a farming environment, where they can focus on developing the basic skills of food production and micro-scale farming.

The project includes an experienced mentor that has the necessary skills to train, grow and manage the learners in order to ensure the success of this small farming enterprise. Progression is committed to assisting in the growth of the enterprise to eventually become a viable business, which the learners can benefit from in the future, either through employment or potential profit share.


The project also allows companies to leverage the various elements of the B-BBEE scorecard in order to gain valuable points under Skills Development, Enterprise Development and/or Supplier Development, thereby realising true empowerment and achieving maximum benefit for all parties involved.

We want to work with you

Working with Progression will assist an organisation in achieving sustainable transformation and contribute to areas of compliance