Beth Cook


Beth is the founder and current CEO at Progression, a role which is instrumental in driving growth within the business, identifying young future leaders and managing the strategic team aligned with the company's value and mission.

Prior to starting Progression, Beth was a Training Manager at a leading training college, providing accessible and inclusive training solutions for people with disabilities. Beth's passion, drive and insight into the South African business landscape prompted her to develop a solution for employers which followed Best Practice for the inclusion and accessibility of people with disabilities. In her commitment to Transformation in South Africa, Beth partners with various organisations, supporting their efforts toward education and social upliftment.

Beth understands the tangible contribution made to companies who encourage and support a diverse workforce, and believes in collaborating with industry experts. She is passionate about the Progression brand and value system, and inspires her team to enable sustainable transformation solutions.


Leadership | Transformation | Skills Development | Adaptable Workforce | Cultivating Change