Bringing Disability Awareness to You

August 31 2018 By Progression

According to the B-BBEE codes of good practice, 2% of South Africa's workforce should be represented by people living with a disability, however, only 1 % of our workforce is made up of this. This low representation of people with disabilities in the workplace may be a result of many factors, including the lack of awareness and knowledge on how to manage disabilities in the workplace.

This month Progression hosted a Disability Management in the Workplace Workshop with aims to address these challenges and assist organizations in learning how they can best manage disability within the workforce from various aspects. 

The day was one of great success, our in-house disability expert, Justene Smith gave valuable insight on best practice measures for both HR and Management, and our guest speaker, Zahn-Michelle Abreu enlightened the audience on the new B-BBEE codes and how they fit in with the organization's goals.

The workshop began with an information session led by Justene around disability in the workplace and followed with an update on the latest B-BBEE codes and how organisations would be affected by the latest changes. Later, delegates were provided with various scenarios and asked to participate in exploring different solutions to the barriers within these scenarios. This interactive structure allowed our delegates to share their success stories as well as their struggles when it comes to managing disability within the workplace and further allowed for everyone to brainstorm solutions together with the guidance of Justene's knowledge.

 As a whole, the workshop turned out to be a successful event, enjoyed by all! Delegates noted how much they enjoyed the ability to discuss the various scenarios and listen to others ideas. Attendees also noted that the information and clarity provided around the new B-BBEE codes proved to be exceptionally valuable.


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