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Disability Day: What Is It and Why Is It Important for My Organisation?

October 09 2017 By Progression

With many companies striving towards diversifying their workforce, people with disabilities are becoming increasingly integrated into organisations. Yet, despite these efforts, workplaces remain largely inaccessible to people with disabilities, with physical and attitudinal barriers still presenting a major challenge.

Creating awareness around disability is the first step to addressing these challenges. Hosting a Disability Day at your organisation is an excellent and innovative way of bringing awareness and education around disability, to the workplace. 

What does a Disability Day entail?

Progression will spend five hours onsite providing expert advice, tools and strategies to the entire organisation. During this time, a number of topics will be explored including unpacking the definition of disability and its scope; What is Reasonable Accommodation and who is entitled to it; Best Practice around managing disclosure and confidentiality; as well as various information relating to Progression’s assessments, audits and training around disability. Our exciting and informative Disability Awareness Video will also be played.

The Disability Day can be delivered in a formal manner, consisting of structured sessions of 40 people or less, taking place in the form of a workshop. Alternatively, the Disability Day can be carried out in a more informal style, in which a stand is set up on the work premises. Employers are encouraged to visit the stand to learn more about disability.

As part of the product delivery, Progression will also provide a Recommendations Report for assessing potential gaps in the organisation’s disability strategy, by accessing information around the organisation’s culture towards disability through spot surveys and discussions with employees.

Introducing topics of disability in the workplace requires continued awareness and sensitisation. The Disability Day will offer organisations the opportunity to better understand the culture and attitude towards disability that exists in their workplace. This product aims to bring disability awareness to an organisation’s doorstep, allowing all employees within the organisation to participate.

Through this campaign, we hope to debunk some of the myths and misconceptions that exist around employing people with disabilities and help organisations to realise the multitude of possibilities for integration.  at a discounted rate.

For more information about the Disability Day campaign email to book your day with the team. 


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