We have over 16 years experience in the disability and diversity arena. We are your Corporate Disability Solutions Partner.

Awareness & Sensitisation

Workshops assist employees and employers to understand and respond to disability in the work environment. A Disability Day is an exciting and innovative way of bringing disability awareness and education to the workplace.
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Disclosure Audit

A Disability Disclosure Audit is the process of gathering insight in to the number of people with disabilities within your organisation. This refers specifically to gaps around disability compliance that will take into consideration gender, race and nationality. This is important when managing transformation and promoting an inclusive workplace.

Other Products

Disability Verification
Ergonomic Assessments
Environmental Accessibility Assessment
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Disability is a part of our diverse culture and should be included in your Employment Equity, Diversity and Transformation strategic planning.


Our unique disability awareness animation and video product uses humour to communicate important issues surrounding disability and diversity in the workplace.
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"Our ground breaking disability management solutions have marked us as industry experts in the fields of inclusion, accessibility and integration."