Learning in the time of COVID

Learning in the Time of COVID

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Shifting the focus from
disability to ability

Refilwe Phalatsane's journey at Progression...

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Progression - Transformation enablers

To see the butterfly where
others see the caterpillar

Welcome to Progression - Transformation enablers...

About Us

Do you believe that transformation should be about more than just ticking boxes and chasing a target on a scorecard?

Is your organisation yearning to facilitate true empowerment of individuals and communities and be part of an enduring solution? Then Progression wants to work with you!
We help effect positive change

Progression was founded on the values of social entrepreneurship and the desire to influence transformation and effect positive and meaningful change in South African society.

Innovative solutions since 2002

Since 2002, we have been passionately working to promote economic and social equality for the most marginalised and vulnerable in society, through our innovative and inclusive solutions.

Adaptive to change

Our ability to adapt and thrive during uncertain and ever-changing times underpins our continued success and expertise in providing unique and ground-breaking initiatives.

Our integrated and inclusive solutions

We as business should embrace a culture that empowers all South Africans, only through this change can sustainability be our destiny.

Our solid track record and almost two decades of experience have firmly placed us as industry leaders in the field of Disability Management.

Progression is at the forefront of assisting corporate South Africa to integrate people with disabilities into the workplace.

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We are passionate about the critical role of Skills Development as the fundamental tool in overcoming poverty and inequality. Progression is an accredited training provider and we offer a range of face-to-face, online and blended training solutions.

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Progression’s enterprise development initiatives are designed to create and support sustainable businesses that grow and result in job creation.

The focus is on skills transfer and creating employment opportunities in order to generate broader long term economic growth for all.

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Our community-based SED programmes are crafted with sustainability in mind
Progression strongly believes in the importance of Socio-Economic Development as a key driver in uplifting previously disadvantaged communities.

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Taking steps towards alleviating poverty with our ground breaking solutions...

“Investing in projects which focus on the beginning of an individual’s education is a fundamental step towards alleviating poverty and assisting the nation’s most disadvantaged to become economically active”
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News & Thought Leadership

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The Changing Face of Disability

Today marks the start of Disability Rights Awareness Month, an important and exciting period in […]

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Sheroes at work
SHEroes at Work

Of the 1 billion poorest people in the world, 70% are female. Women work two-thirds [...]

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Rebuilding after the Storm

As we faced one of the darkest and most shameful weeks in South Africa’s recent […]

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