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Unpacking the Amended B-BBEE Codes

May 30 2018 By Steven Lekalakala

On the 29thof March 2018 Dr. Rob Davies, Minister of Trade and Industry, issued Government Gazette 41546 which deals with amendments to the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice. The proposed changes to the Codes should be implemented in October this year. Steven Lekalakala, Business Development Consultant and B-BBEE Expert at Progression, takes a close...

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How Learnership Allowances can Reduce your Tax Bill

May 30 2018 By Tarryn Mason

Did you know that investing in Skills Development under a formal learnership provides you with the opportunity to claim a tax deduction according to Section 12H of the Income Tax Act? Section 12H of the Income Tax Act states that employers are eligible for an allowance in respect of qualifying 'registered learnership agreements' entered into betw...

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Rise - It's a Movement.

May 28 2018 By Candice Lambert

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce the official launch of Rise. The organisation, which is a subsidiary of Progression, was born from a passion for people and creating opportunities within communities in South Africa. Our various projects offer corporates an effective and sustainable way of meeting Socio-Economic Development (SE...

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Simulated Learnerships - True Transformation or Pure Compliance?

May 15 2018 By Beth Cook

In recent years, hosted and simulated learnerships, in which learners are hosted at premises other than the lead employer or in a simulated work environment, have become prevalent and in some instances, even preferred among corporates. This is especially true with regards to learners with disabilities. There are some instances in which an "offsite...

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