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Measuring Effectiveness of Employee Training and Development

December 13 2016 By Beth Cook

December 2016 Employee training and development plays a critical role in advancing organisational performance, but is not always a priority for top management. HR Practitioners can make use of critical KPIs for employee development in order to justify the investment of time and money towards improving organisational talent. On-the-job training th...

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Growing Critical Thinking in the Workplace

November 29 2016 By Beth Cook

November 2016 At Progression we assess thousands of young school, college and varsity leavers for entry into the workplace or further skills opportunities each year. What constantly amazes me is that only a very small percentage of these individuals have the ability to think critically and strategically, a skill that would make them workplace read...

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Progression launches special for National Disability Rights Awareness Month

November 08 2016 By Progression

To kick off National Disability Rights Awareness Month, Progression will be offering a free Disability Awareness Day (valued at R30 000) to clients who sign off on learnership programmes for the January/ February 2017 period. We have the following learnership groups starting in 2017 HR Management NQF 4 This learmership has been introduced to...

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Progression's Panel Event advocates Disability Awareness

November 07 2016 By Progression

November 2016 On 20 September 2016 Progression’s Assessment Centre, Access@Progression, hosted its first ever disability panel event at the Southern Sun Hyde Park. The 4-hour session, presented in a Q&A format, allowed a panel of experts to answer employers’ questions and unpacked best practice approaches to integrating people with...

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Five Considerations for Building a Disability Awareness Strategy

November 01 2016 By Justene Smith

November 2016 Continuing from the article What is Disability Awareness & why is it important? Justene Smith, Disability Specialist at Progression, unpacks some important considerations for organisations when building an effective Disability Awareness Strategy. 1. What does my organisation want to achieve? Disability awareness can be implemen...

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What is Disability Awareness in the Workplace and Why is it Important?

November 01 2016 By Justene Smith

November 2016 Despite the ongoing effort to introduce disability into the workplace, many people with disabilities still face discrimination when accessing the open labour market. Statistically, only a small percentage of people with disabilities are employed. Furthermore, of the people with disabilities that are employed, many are in positions o...

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5 Important Lessons about Community Development

August 16 2016 By Candice Lambert

August 2016 Social upliftment has become everybody's responsibility. As a result, organisations are looking at investments outside of their traditional stakeholder framework, reflecting on their impact on both the people and environments around them. Candice Lambert, Head of Strategic Business Development at Progression and Director of RISE, a com...

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Progression's Assessment Centre Announces Panel Event

August 08 2016 By Progression

August 2016 Progression’s recently launched Assessment Centre is happy to announce that it will be introducing a new Disability event to its clients in September. The event will take the form of a panel discussion incorporating facilitated Question & Answer sessions with a variety of industry experts who will unpack why employing people ...

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Inclusion of People with Disabilities Starts with a Conversation

June 23 2016 By Progression

June 2016  "Not everyone with a disability experiences their condition in the same way. It therefore follows that reasonable accommodation cannot be the same for every individual with a disability." So how does an employer reasonably accommodate a person with a disability in their workplace? This was just one of the key questions and messages su...

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Workplace Readiness is a Critical Step to Successful Skills Development

June 03 2016 By Progression

May 2016 Workplace readiness can often be a major challenge for first-time entrants into the workplace. This often results in additional pressure for employers and employees alike when embarking on a skills development or empowerment programme.  A lack of exposure, limited knowledge of the business environment and the underdeveloped interpersonal...

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Progression's Assessment Centre Offers Leading Disability Solutions

April 20 2016 By Progression

May 2016 Progression, leading disability specialists and Human Resource Development consulting firm, recently announced the formation of its new Assessment Centre - a project which aims to empower inclusion and accessibility for all people with disabilities. The Assessment Centre, a collaboration between Progression and a body of experienced prof...

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Progression's Disability Conference Unpacks Reasonable Accommodation

April 12 2016 By Progression

April 2016 Continuing the success of 2015's Disability Conference, Progression is bringing its 5th Annual Disability Conference for the first time to Cape Town, at the Protea Fire & Ice! Hotel on Thursday 9 June 2016. The programme, which will run over one day, aims to unpack what reasonable accommodation is, its background in relation to leg...

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Career Development can improve Employability

April 11 2016 By Melanie Bothma

Career development is a lifelong process during which you develop new ideas about yourself and your career identity.  The 21st century world of work has rapid developments in technology and globalisation of the economy and job markets. There is constant outsourcing of work, downsizing of companies and customising of jobs. More people are in tempor...

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From the Beginning: Skills Development for a Greater SA

April 03 2016 By Candice Lambert

March 2016 Until recently, compliance has largely been the driving force for workplace skills development in South Africa. However increasingly, CEOs and other business decision makers are realising the need for a more sustainable solution: growing a workforce that both meets their compliance needs and the overall goals of the business. This sust...

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Top Tips for Applying for Your Dream Job

March 03 2016 By Progression

The search for a job can be a difficult and daunting task. Finding and applying for the right job often involves applying for multiple positions, with plenty of competition from other candidates applying for the same position. So how do you ensure that the person receiving your job application is going to notice you? Ali Tambellini, Progression's T...

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Solving the Employee Resource Challenge for SMEs

February 25 2016 By Progression

March 2016 People are the driving force of any business however, amongst the challenges facing SMEs is the lack of vital Human Resources. The ever changing business landscape and limited resources can make hiring employees a great challenge. “Finding the right employees for any business can be demanding. Couple this with the issue of limite...

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Progression's 2015 Highlights: Disability Awareness & Inclusion at the Forefront

February 18 2016 By Progression

January 2016 Progression, specialists in the disability field, has taken great strides in creating awareness and education around disability and skills development in the workplace. The company, which has assisted corporate South Africa to manage disability for 12 years and has provided learning and employment opportunities to thousands of people ...

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The Importance of Employment Equity and its Implementation

February 12 2016 By Progression

February 2016 In discussions around Employment Equity, Affirmative Action is usually the first thing that springs to mind. However, the truth is that Affirmative Action is only a small piece of the Employment Equity puzzle. Merusha Singh, recently appointed Skills Development Facilitator at Progression, unpacks the purpose of South Africa's Empl...

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