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KFC Does Disability Right

October 24 2018 By Progression

Less than 1% of South African's with disabilities are employed, KFC want to change this. Disability was at the forefront of KFC's agenda on the 2ndof October 2018,as thebrandlaunched its first Disability Day.  The room was buzzing with excitement as employees listened attentively to the opening speech given by Tarun Lal, General Manager at KFC Af...

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Mpho Shines as October's Butterfly of the Month

October 11 2018 By Progression

Progression is elated to award the title of "Butterfly of the Month" for the month of October to a very special learner, Mpho Mahada. Mpho joined the Progression team in July 2018 and is placed in the Training Department under her mentor, Alana Perumal, Progression's Training Manager. Mpho is currently completing her Business Administration NQF 4 L...

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Bringing Disability Awareness to You

August 31 2018 By Progression

According to the B-BBEE codes of good practice, 2% of South Africa's workforce should be represented by people living with a disability, however, only 1 % of our workforce is made up of this. This low representation of people with disabilities in the workplace may be a result of many factors, including the lack of awareness and knowledge on how to ...

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Another Success Story - Xolisile Ngaleka

August 28 2018 By Progression

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.” – Tim Fargo Progression is elated to share in the success of one of our learners, Xolisile Ngaleka, who has been nominated for Woman of the Month at Wordworks for her excellent work in early literacy in Early Childhood Development (ECD). Additionally, Xoli has been nominated a...

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Mental Health Awareness Month July 2018

July 02 2018 By Progression

July marks Mental Health Awareness Month in South Africa, and there is no better opportunity to highlight one of South Africa's most prevalent topics - mental illnesses.  The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) reported that in 2017 1 in 3 people in South Africa, will experience a mental illness in their lifetime and that 23 people...

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Butterfly Of The Month July 2018 - Bongiwe Khumalo

July 02 2018 By Progression Butterfly Of The Month

This month we celebrate Bongiwe Khumalo as our Butterfly of the Month for the month of July. Bongiwe is currently completing her End-User NQF Level 3 learnership through HKA Global. Bongiwe is being hosted at Progression for the duration of her learnership and is currently working in the Project Management department under her mentor, Zama Mkhize,...

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Siyasizas Celebrate Their Great Achievement

June 15 2018 By Progression

Did you know that 80% of the brain in developed within the first 1000 days of a child's life? Or that, according to the Statistician-General's report, 47% of children aged 0 - 6 do not receive early childhood learning. Five learners who recently graduated from their Early Childhood Development (ECD) learnership aim to change this. Mpume Nzimakwe,...

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Unpacking the Amended B-BBEE Codes

May 30 2018 By Steven Lekalakala

On the 29thof March 2018 Dr. Rob Davies, Minister of Trade and Industry, issued Government Gazette 41546 which deals with amendments to the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice. The proposed changes to the Codes should be implemented in October this year. Steven Lekalakala, Business Development Consultant and B-BBEE Expert at Progression, takes a close...

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How Learnership Allowances can Reduce your Tax Bill

May 30 2018 By Tarryn Mason

Did you know that investing in Skills Development under a formal learnership provides you with the opportunity to claim a tax deduction according to Section 12H of the Income Tax Act? Section 12H of the Income Tax Act states that employers are eligible for an allowance in respect of qualifying 'registered learnership agreements' entered into betw...

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Rise - It's a Movement.

May 28 2018 By Candice Lambert

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce the official launch of Rise. The organisation, which is a subsidiary of Progression, was born from a passion for people and creating opportunities within communities in South Africa. Our various projects offer corporates an effective and sustainable way of meeting Socio-Economic Development (SE...

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Simulated Learnerships - True Transformation or Pure Compliance?

May 15 2018 By Beth Cook

In recent years, hosted and simulated learnerships, in which learners are hosted at premises other than the lead employer or in a simulated work environment, have become prevalent and in some instances, even preferred among corporates. This is especially true with regards to learners with disabilities. There are some instances in which an "offsite...

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The Importance of Considering People with Disabilities in your Health and Safety Procedures

April 10 2018 By Tarryn Mason

As human beings, we are all entitled to a safe and healthy working environment. Legislation in the form of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993) was written and passed by Parliament to address this matter. This Act aims to ensure the provision and maintenance of a safe and healthy work environment for all, including people with di...

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Celebrating Success with Sun International's Disability Strategy

April 04 2018 By Progression

With a total of 19 resorts, luxury hotels and casinos, Sun International is the leader in the gaming, hospitality and entertainment sector. The Sun International brand is world renowned and exudes opulence, enduring quality and incredible adventure. We were therefore completely humbled when Sun International chose Progression as their Disability Ex...

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Stephen Hawking- Disability Need Not be an Obstacle to Success

March 26 2018 By Justene Smith

When Stephen Hawking passed away recently, the world lost an incredible human being, someone who was able to look past his physical limitations and become one of the great thinkers of our time. Hawking was diagnosed with a terminal illness at the tender age of 21. Doctors gave him a mere two to three years to live, yet he went on to live for 76 ye...

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Intellectual Disability Awareness Month

March 20 2018 By Justene Smith

Of every one thousand people living in South Africa (and our population is over 55.91 million), 25 have an IQ between 50 and 80. Yet, we know very little about Intellectual Disability. The month of March is dedicated to bringing awareness to Intellectual Disability, a subject often plagued by stereotypes, misconception and misunderstanding. Justen...

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Butterfly of the Month - March 2018

March 15 2018 By Progression Butterfly Of The Month

This month we share the story of Yamkelwa Mbelebele as we celebrate her success in our Butterfly of the Month feature. Yamkelwa started her journey with Progression in July 2017 as she embarked on her Business Administration NQF 4 Learnership. Combined with her workplace experience, this learnership has given Yamkelwa the opportunity to, in her wor...

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10% off Awareness & Sensitisation Workshops

February 08 2018 By Progression

With National Epilepsy Week (12 to 18 February) as well as International Epilepsy Day (12 February) on our doorstep, it’s time to take a closer look at the condition that affects one out of every 100 South Africans and explore the issues around disclosure. In celebration of this commemorative week, Progression is offering a 10% discount on o...

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Matric Requirement Limits Both People with Disabilities as well as Organisations' Ability to Maximise their B-BBEE Score

February 05 2018 By Beth Cook

Across the country a number of young adults waited eagerly for their matric final results, which were released on the 4th of January for the IEB schools and the 6th of January for the Government-regulated curriculum system. Many young people are now considering their next steps, their work and study options. Sadly, only a handful of youth with disa...

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WSP and ATR : The What, The How and The Why

February 05 2018 By Progression

The WSP and ATR submission deadline is the 30th of April 2018. Preparing and submitting these documents can be very time-consuming, confusing and stressful. Progression is able to assist you and will ensure the process is painless and effective. We are also running an exciting promotion - Get 10% off all learnerships when you do your WSP ...

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Babcock success story - Not just ticking the box but working towards sustainable transformation.

January 15 2018 By Progression

With an extensive footprint in Southern Africa and 125 years of service excellence, Babcock partners in the management of critically important assets that help to bring power to our homes and businesses, carry out work for infrastructure growth and enable the long-haul collection and delivery of goods within Southern Africa. When Babcock approache...

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