The Progression Recruitment and Talent Management team provides a comprehensive set of performance-enhancing capabilities that help companies to unlock the potential of their people.

We offer clients a unique combination of services that will improve and sustain business performance through people.

Products and Services include:

Permanent Placements

Progression offers clients Permanent Recruitment services that include sourcing and placing candidates within the organisation’s workforce to fulfil a specific job function at a predetermined salary to embark on a long-term career. The service can include job profiling, candidate interviews & shortlisting. 

Learner Recruitment

Leaner recruitment is the sourcing of suitable entry-level candidates that have a desire to participate in occupationally directed skills development opportunities within an organisation’s workforce. The purpose of learner recruitment is to provide an opportunity to individuals that have experienced barriers to education and employment due to unfair discrimination. The service can include job profiling alongside the selected training, candidate assessment and interviews, workplace readiness programmes, mentorship training, mentor & learner support.

Contract Recruitment

Contract recruitment involves the recruitment of an employee for a fixed period with a predefined finishing date. The position and remuneration are all pre-determined in the contract. An example of this is often used in the case of an employee being away on maternity leave or if the employee is off sick or having an operation etc. There are also termination clauses in the contract should either party want to end the contract.

Temporary Recruitment

Temporary Recruitment is often vital to companies during times of seasonal workload increases or when permanent employees have taken extended leave. Progression offers Temporary Recruitment services to organisations and sources employees to fill short-term temporary assignments within the organisation’s workforce. The service can include job profiling, candidate interviews & shortlisting.

Workplace Readiness Programme

Workplace readiness is a bridging course for first time employees and for those re-entering the job market. In many instances it provides a value-add delivery for clients commencing the recruitment of previously unemployed candidates. The programme provides soft skills linked to the workplace as well as basic computer skills thereby preparing individuals for workplace success.

Workforce/ Succession Planning

Progression can assist companies in assessing their current growth needs. Through evaluation, we will identify candidates suitable for succession planning. We’ll map the way forward for their career developments through various skills development programmes, such as: leadership programmes; management development programmes; and gaining relevant skills in the area of growth.