Rise - It's a Movement.

May 28 2018 By Candice Lambert

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce the official launch of Rise. The organisation, which is a subsidiary of Progression, was born from a passion for people and creating opportunities within communities in South Africa. Our various projects offer corporates an effective and sustainable way of meeting Socio-Economic Development (SED) and Skills Development requirements in terms of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.

With unemployment on the rise and a shrinking economy to battle, there will be a continuous aim and push for Socio-Economic Development and Skills Development, both being effective means of giving our economy a much-needed boost. 

Through the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, Government is encouraging businesses to contribute to SED as a method of eradicating poverty by creating opportunities that allow the previously disadvantaged to become involved in productive activities. This is especially applicable to those living in rural areas, which is Rise's main focus area.

Candice Lambert, Head of Strategy Development, outlines the various benefits that are presented when investing in Socio-Economic Development initiatives:

  1. An obvious driver for, and benefit of, SED is the opportunity to gain valuable points towards your B-BBEE Scorecard. The compliance target for SED is currently set at 1% of net profit after tax for a weighting of 5 points.
  2. All SED projects run by Rise benefit Black South Africans, allowing for the total value of SED contribution to be recognised as outlined by the B-BBEE Scorecard.
  3. Many of the projects run by Rise contain a Skills Development aspect. This allows for organisations participating in these projects to claim points towards the Skills Development element of their B-BBEE Scorecard. 
  4. The focus of these various initiatives will be integrating people from the community into viable industries which should hopefully boost whole communities economically. These programmes should result in economically vibrant and fully functional communities involved in the various industries.
  5. Empowerment is encouraged to strengthen the capacity of these individuals and communities in order to enable them to improve their lives and make a positive contribution to the South African economy. 

For us at Rise, community development is about sustainable empowerment, rather than a constant appeal for donations and handouts. Ultimately, whatever is implemented needs to continue to 'work' independently. In other words, it must be able to 'stand on its own two feet'. We build relationships with communities, listen to their needs and design projects that talk to these needs. We look forward to what is to come and invite you to join the movement.





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