Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development programmes provide the ideal vehicle for addressing poverty by creating opportunities that allow previously disadvantaged individuals to become involved in productive activities within our own employment hubs and through Strategic Partnerships with ESD Specialists we are able to provide the full solution.
These projects allow companies to invest time, money and resources to support the establishment, expansion and development of small businesses. Enterprise Development provides an effective instrument to assist individuals to overcome poverty and earn a living, leading to long-term economic growth for themselves, their families and their communities.
Progression’s enterprise development initiatives are designed to create and support sustainable businesses that grow and result in job creation. Our programmes allow companies to invest in growing small businesses and people in environments that enhance and develop their skills to benefit their overall career prospects.

The focus is on skills transfer and creating employment opportunities in order to generate broader long term economic growth for all.

Our exciting Enterprise Development initiatives include:

  • Setup of small enterprises for the development of individuals and communities
  • Funding models for sustainability
  • Skills development of employees
  • Change management
  • People empowerment

We want to work with you

Working with Progression will assist an organisation in achieving sustainable transformation and contribute to areas of compliance