Tarryn Mason

Managing Director

Tarryn fulfils the role of Progression's Managing Director, a position which requires her to oversee the company's operations and align strategic goals with organisational resources. Tarryn holds a degree in Financial Management and has completed a company aligned MBA.

Prior to her current role at Progression Tarryn headed up and managed the Progression Recruitment and Skills Development departments. She is the project sponsor of an internal Leadership and Knowledge Management programme at Progression where she is instrumental in nurturing the successful transfer of critical disability knowledge and leadership skills within the business.

Tarryn is passionate about education and empowerment in South Africa. She believes in investing in programmes which speak to inclusive education and focus on motivating students to complete their studies, thereby increasing their chance of being successful in their endeavours for sustainable careers. 


Skills Development | Transformation | B-BBEE Scorecard | Learner Support | Policies and Procedures | Employment Equity | Workplace-readiness