Australia possesses a unique and diverse tapestry within its society and communities. At Progression Australia we view diversity as all the ways that we are different. This includes gender, age, ethnicity, race, cultural background, disability, religion and sexual orientation. We further extend the definition to include differences in background, life experience, exposure, communication and learning styles, interpersonal skills, education, expertise, skills and intrinsic qualities.

The sustainable management of diversity in the workplace is the practice of acknowledging and valuing these differences for the mutual benefit of business and employees. Progression’s international participation in the diversity and disability sectors places us as an experienced “one stop consultancy” that offers capacity and knowledge transfer to all relevant stakeholders, ensuring sustainable transformation for the future.


Sharon Bard is an Australian-born diversity specialist who has spent the past 21 years of her career participating in South Africa’s vibrant diversity journey. Sharon is a thought leader in diversity management and throughout her career has forged a specialisation in managing disability in the workplace. She has an abundance of experience that is specific to the diversity and disability sectors including experience in the private sector, local government and the not for profit space.

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Regardless of whether your organisation is just commencing its diversity or disability strategic journey or is well advanced and in search of new opportunities, Progression Australia offers a range of consultative products and services to meet individual company needs.  


  • Development of diversity & disability strategies
  • Development of diversity & disability policy and procedures
  • Organisation Development communication plans
  • Environmental accessibility assessments
  • Sourcing of funding opportunities and resources

Workshops and Facilitation

  • Workshops: Awareness & Sensitisation around the sustainable management of diversity & disability in the workplace
  • Leadership Training: How to manage diversity & disability
  • Specialist Sessions: Capacity building and information sharing for specialist diversity topi


Progression believes that in order to ensure the sustainable inclusion of all individuals within our society and communities, diversity and disability best practice needs to be managed in a holistic manner.

Our services are therefore offered to the following identified stakeholders:

  • Companies & employers
  • Not for profit environments
  • Public sectors
  • Individuals with disabilities