"To see the butterfly where others see the caterpillar"


“Our people are passionate about cultivating a learning landscape and encouraging collaboration between individuals and organisations to bring about economic and social transformation.”

Progression offers a wide range of Human Resource Development and Transformation solutions. Since its establishment in 2002, Progression has worked closely with both private and public sector companies in all areas of Diversity, Skills Development and Disability. It has helped shape and sustain business models that are not only aligned to best practice but have a positive impact on an organisation’s triple bottom line.

Having pioneered one of the most ground-breaking disability equity solutions in South Africa today, Progression now focuses on offering a wide range of products backed by a professional consulting service that afford organisations the opportunity to maximise on their human capital and in the process transform their workplace.

Underpinning all of Progression’s service offerings is the Metamorphosis Model, based on sound business principles. This model has a proven track record that enables our customers to achieve strategic goals and obtain quantifiable returns on equity investments.

The process can be compared to the lifecycle of a butterfly and involves a complete transformation with four separate stages.

Stage 1: Strategy Development

Think of an egg. It is the blueprint of what the end product will be. Strategy development is very much like this, it allows the organisation to document what it would like to achieve, what its goals are and ultimately its strategic intent.

Stage 2: Gap Analysis and Action Plan Formulation

The caterpillar is an eating machine. Here is where all the information is gathered, gaps are identified in order to clarify the company’s current position and a plan is formulated to reach its goals.

Stage 3: Implementation

The word ‘chrysalis’ is derived from the Greek word ‘crusoz’, meaning gold. This stage is where all the hard work takes place – a well-executed plan is worth its weight in gold.

Stage 4: Education and Celebration

Lastly a beautiful butterfly emerges, which is evidence of all the hard work that went into strategising, analysing, planning and implementing. This phase allows an organisation to evaluate the project, make adjustments where and if necessary and celebrate its successes.