About Us

To see the butterfly where others see the caterpillar

Our people are passionate about cultivating a learning landscape and encouraging collaboration between individuals and oranisations to bring about economic and social transformation.

Learning & Development • Collaboration • Leadership • Making a tangible difference • Make business sense • Innovation


Progression offers a wide range of Human Resource Development and  Transformation solutions. Since its establishment in 2002, Progression has  worked closely with both private and public sector companies in all areas  of Diversity, Skills Development and Disability.

It has helped shape and  sustain business models that are not only aligned to best practice but have  a positive impact on an organisation's triple bottom line. Having pioneered  one of the most ground-breaking disability equity solutions in South Africa  today,

Progression now focuses on offering a wide range of products  backed by a professional consulting service that afford organisations the  opportunity to maximise on their human capital and in the process transform their workplace.


A 16 year track record of implementing disability solutions in line with current and updated legislation

Working with Progression will assist an organisation in achieveing sustainable transformation and contribute to areas of compliance

  • B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice
  • The Employment Equity Act
  • The Skills Development Act

Progression is a 31% Black Female Owned, Level 1 contributor to the B-BBEE scorecard which allows customers to claim 135% of their spend with Progression towards the Preferential Procurement element of their scorecard.

We have proven project management experience

Our Best Practice learnership model has been proven to have a 91% completion rate and a 70% absorption rate

We are a distinctive team and are all from professional backgrounds, having experience in disciplines such as strategy, organisational development, human resources development, finance and training

A robust understanding of the integration of legislative requirements, needs of people with disabilities and business requirements

A national footprint and the capacity to implement on a large scale in all regions

Extensive experience in disability management