With us, transformation is not about ticking boxes and chasing targets on a scorecard

If your organisation seeks to facilitate true empowerment of individuals and communities and be part of an enduring solution, then Progression wants to work with you!

Why choose us

We help effect positive change

Progression was founded on the values of social entrepreneurship and the desire to influence transformation and effect positive and meaningful change in South African society.

A consultative, solutions-driven approach

We don’t believe in pushing products, but instead we explore and listen to the real needs of our clients in order to design unique solutions that speak to their specific requirements.

More than 2 decades of innovative solutions

Since 2002, we have been passionately working to promote economic and social equality for the most marginalised and vulnerable in society, through our innovative and inclusive solutions.

Outstanding client retention

We prioritise providing value and building strong long-term client relationships which inspire trust and loyalty, keeping our customers coming back to us again and again.

Taking steps towards alleviating poverty

It is vital to stimulate job creation by investing in employment generating industries and in particular, supporting the development of small businesses, which are critical to economic growth.

Thought Leadership

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