Disability in the Workplace

Our solid track record and almost two decades of experience have firmly placed us as industry leaders in the field of Disability Management.

Progression advocates that disability is part of normal human experience and we are at the forefront of assisting corporate South Africa to integrate people with disabilities into the workplace. Our customised solutions are aligned to current legislation and always strongly guided by best practice and an unwavering commitment to the values of equality and the ethical treatment of all people.
Progression’s programmes are aimed at creating environments which are accommodating, from both a physical as well as an attitudinal perspective. Our expertise is strengthened and supported by a formidable team of specialists in the field of disability, as well as our extensive experience in disability management within the corporate space.

A deep understanding of the integration of legislative requirements, the needs of people with disabilities and business imperatives sets us apart from other providers in the industry.

Our tailored disability management solutions include:

  • Awareness and sensitisation campaigns
  • Functional and Medico-Legal assessments
  • Disability verifications
  • Ergonomic and reasonable accommodation assessments
  • Disability Employment Equity audits
  • Disability prevention programmes
  • Environmental accessibility audits
  • Process and policy development
  • Counselling and support

We want to work with you

Working with Progression will assist an organisation in achieving sustainable transformation and contribute to areas of compliance