Socio-Economic Development

Progression strongly believes in the importance of Socio-Economic Development as a key driver in uplifting previously disadvantaged communities.

Our community-based SED programmes are crafted with sustainability in mind to facilitate empowerment and create opportunities that allow individuals from these communities to truly improve their lives. Over the years, we have expanded our reach to projects within rural communities and established a strong network of partners, allowing us to gain key insights and an acute understanding of the complexities inherent in community development initiatives.
SED projects are most effective when aligned to, and driven by the needs and interests of the relevant community. Our experience confirms that successful SED initiatives are best achieved through business building relationships with communities, hearing their needs and implementing projects that address these needs in order to benefit the communities, as well as the organisation, in the long term.

“Izandla ziyagezana (one good deed deserves another)”

Our unique SED programmes focus on:

  • Change management
  • People empowerment
  • Resource development in communities
  • Skills Development in communities
  • Connecting corporates with communities
  • Early Childhood Development programmes
  • Funding models for sustainability
  • Setup of small enterprises for the development of individuals and communities

We want to work with you

Working with Progression will assist an organisation in achieving sustainable transformation and contribute to areas of compliance