Hosted Learnership Hubs

Progression's experiential learning Hubs provide an innovative and sustainable approach to hosted learnerships.

Creating tech gurus who will design the world of tomorrow, the WDD Hub provides a space for creative coding heroes to develop and perfect their skills. Sponsor this initiative and help to ensure that our youth are better prepared to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The next big brand will emerge from our Sewing and Furniture Hub. Equipped with the latest sewing and furniture manufacturing technologies and mentored by fashion and design graduates, this hub provides the opportunity to nurture and develop the rich creative spirit of our young learners.

Professional Accountants train learners on a variety of payroll and accounting software, providing the skills and expertise needed to effectively run their own payroll business. You can help pave the way for these young business brains to establish their small enterprise in the market.

Born from Progression’s passion for people and creating opportunities for the sustainable upliftment of communities in South Africa, this initiative enables learners to become qualified ECD Practitioners while teaching young children in rural areas. Empower those responsible for educating our future leaders – the children of South Africa.

Quality theoretical training

Our Hubs offer learners (both with and without disabilities) quality theoretical training in sought-after skills, whilst gaining valuable workplace experience.