Angelina Hlahane

Finance Manager

Angelina’s story is one of humble beginnings. In 2008 she began studying towards a Diploma in Accountancy, however during that year her dad lost his job and her grandparents had to step in to assist with her fees. She also recalls the long distances she had to walk every day (an hour each way) between her home and the taxi rank, in order to attend training. She went on to successfully complete her Diploma, however despite achieving an astonishing 8 distinctions, she found it difficult to secure a permanent job.

In 2012 Angelina decided to explore the option of a learnership, in the hopes of achieving better employment prospects. She joined Progression as a young, inexperienced learner with a dream of one day having a career in Finance and has diligently worked her way through 3 successive levels of the Accounting Technician learnership and is currently completing her Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA) NQF level 8 qualification. After successfully completing her first learnership in 2013, she was offered a permanent position and today, she runs Progression’s entire Finance Department and has developed into a skilled manager and an excellent mentor.

Angelina feels that her learnership journey taught her to be persistent and inspired her to continue setting goals. Her greatest challenge was dealing with failing an exam for the first time. She explains, “It was so depressing as I have always been an ‘A’ student and that was a huge blow for me personally, but I knew I had to get up and try again!” She believes that her motivation to keep going stems from the fact that she is a consistent person and a goal setter by nature. She confirms, “My goal was to complete the learnership and also to be registered as a qualified member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT SA).”

Although it has been a long road with many obstacles along the way, she had faith that one day things would look up for her. Angelina’s approach has always been to work hard and do her best, an attitude that she continues to maintain in her job every day. Her innate knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of the business have made her an indispensable and trusted member of the team. As Progression’s biggest learner success story, Angelina truly embodies the spirit of growth and life-long learning advocated by Progression.

For almost two decades, Progression has been partnering with some of South Africa’s biggest corporate companies to facilitate and manage learnerships, mostly for people with disabilities.

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