Zelda Luphoko

Technical Administrator

Growing up in a small town in Mpumalanga, Zelda’s dream was to obtain a practical qualification and secure a good job. However, after she completed Matric, her family could not afford to pay for her to study further. In 2016, she decided to seize an opportunity offered to people with disabilities to relocate to Gauteng for a learnership programme and this marked the beginning of her voyage into the skills development world.

After completing three different learnerships in various fields, Zelda registered with Progression and in 2019, she was placed on a Business Administration learnership at Multotec (Pty) Ltd, a multinational engineering company and one of Progression’s key clients. During the 12-month programme, she demonstrated enormous commitment and dedication to her job as well as her studies and after successfully completing her learnership in August 2020, she was offered a permanent position as a Technical Administrator at Multotec.

At first, Zelda found being on a learnership extremely challenging and she struggled to juggle her work commitments with her classroom and training requirements. However, her strong desire to improve herself and obtain a qualification pushed her every day to keep going. Zelda reveals, “I used to come to work at 6am, an hour before my official clock-in time, so that I could study and complete my assignments before I had to start my daily work duties. My disability also made it tough as I had pain and struggled to walk sometimes, especially during winter. But I always made sure I took my medication.” She goes on to explain that her main priority was to ensure that her work was always done on time with no complaints or excuses (a factor that was no doubt key to her securing a permanent job).

As Zelda recounts the difficulties she faced over the last few years and the many doubts she experienced about whether she would ever find a permanent job, she also explains that her faith and determination to succeed carried her through the hardships. Today she is proud and grateful to have stable employment which allows her to pay her rent and feel financially secure. Zelda’s advice to others who are hoping to succeed: “Put in the effort, work hard and never give up!”

For almost two decades, Progression has been partnering with some of South Africa’s biggest corporate companies to facilitate and manage learnerships, mostly for people with disabilities.

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