Progression Celebrates Disability Awareness Month

Progression celebrates Disability Rights Awareness Month by speaking directly to the people in the know.

During November and the first week of December, Progression will be posting video interviews of people with a disability where they discuss how they experience their rights in the workplace, and in their communities. They also share insights into what it’s like to live with a disability and what it takes to succeed in the corporate world.

Lutendo Mfumba, Progression’s Support Administrator and a person living with a disability, is the director and producer of this campaign. She believes that speaking directly to the people who experience it is vital in creating awareness and acceptance around disability. “This campaign must help people with disabilities to understand their rights and also to understand other peoples’ experiences”, explains Lutendo.

The team at Progression hopes that these interviews will inspire you to talk more openly about disability and the rights of people with disabilities in the workplace.

To acess the videos click on the links ; ;

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