Solving the Disability Piece of the Skills Development Puzzle

28 May 2014 – The 3rd Annual Progression and TDCI Disability Equity Conference
Ensuring compliance with Employment Equity legislation through Skills Development planning can often be a daunting task for those Human Resources professionals, who are tasked with processing this function inside their organisations. Add to that the complexities of Disability Equity and the process can seem ever more challenging. The procedure involved in completing the Disability Equity piece of the puzzle may at first seem complex and challenging. However, with all the Skills Development pieces in place, it is a highly rewarding long-term investment.
This is according to Beth Cook, CEO of Progression, an equity-owned company, aimed at successfully integrating more people living with disabilities into the workplace.
“This year we will be taking you through the practical ways in which Disability Equity fits in with the revised B-BBEE code requirements, with specific focus on the Skills Development element of the scorecard. This conference will equip our delegates with all the knowledge to facilitate practical implementation within their organisation, ensuring that they reap all the benefits of successful implementation,” says Cook.
The 3rd Annual Progression and TDCI Disability Equity Conference will take place on 30 July 2014 at the Sunnyside Park Hotel in Parktown.
This conference is ideal for HR Managers, Transformation Managers, CEOs as well as Managing Directors, Diversity and Disability Equity Managers, Skills Development Managers and Facilitators – who will all gain a high level overview of the relevant changes to the revised B-BBEE codes pertaining to people with disabilities. The conference will also provide a holistic Skills Development Model for sustainable skills initiatives for people with disabilities as well as numerous case studies of how this model has been successfully implemented.
The conference discussion topics will include the practical implementation of Skills Development strategies, how to successfully integrate people with disabilities into the workplace, as well as the value of following best practice for learners with disabilities.
Marius Pretorius, Managing Director of TDCI, one of South Africa’s leading Training and Development Service Providers, believes that the conference will equip business leaders with the necessary and practical tools required for implementing Disability Equity.
“There are many success stories and case studies to share, ones that will provide delegates with a better understanding of the process and plenty of encouragement for the future,” Pretorius explains. “This conference is an excellent platform to educate delegates about Skills Development and we are confident that it will be a highly beneficial experience.”
The conference will be led by high-level industry experts who can provide practical advice and insight into latest industry trends, equipping delegates with everything they need to know about this critical topic.
“Business leaders require real workable solutions that they can implement in their organisations immediately,” says Cook. “We look forward to this conference as a worthy addition to the list of equity solutions workshops and conferences that we will host in future,” she concluded.

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