Hope Mandeville Career Days Expo

Progression recently participated in the 4th annual Hope-Mandeville Disability careers expo. The event, a joint venture by Hope School and Mandeville Disability Swimming, focuses on helping launch school-leavers with disabilities into careers that are right for them through formal employment, and skills development opportunities.

Justene Smith, Progression’s Occupational Support Co-ordinator believes that the expo offers an excellent opportunity for opening the door of interaction between students and employers. “Many school-leavers are unclear of the value of work experience and are uncertain about the types of careers they would like to pursue.” states Justene.

Participating in the expo offers Progression an opportunity to engage with young learners who will soon be ready to participate in the workplace. “Offering direction, career advice and making the learners aware of the value that they can add to the workplace are some of the ways that we can better prepare them for what to expect when they leave school.” states Justene.

The careers expo was hosted at the Hope School, Johannesburg, on the 22nd and 23rd of April 2015.

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