Solving the Employee Resource Challenge for SMEs

eople are the driving force of any business however, amongst the challenges facing SMEs is the lack of vital Human Resources. The ever changing business landscape and limited resources can make hiring employees a great challenge.

“Finding the right employees for any business can be demanding. Couple this with the issue of limited resources and small margin for error and the Human Resources function of an SME becomes an enormous challenge,” comments Candice Lambert, Strategic Business Developer at Progression.

In addressing the above challenge, Progression, a leading Human Capital Solutions provider, would like to invite SMEs to participate in hosting and mentoring learners in line with their clients’ Skills Development programmes. The hosting programme follows a simple process which places a learner in a workplace whilst they are working towards the completion of a formal qualification. Formal learning and practical workplace experience are aligned, ensuring that maximum exposure takes place.

The learner will be able to both add value and gain from their workplace experience through structured and consistent mentoring provided by the host employer. The mentoring process focuses on developing the learners’ soft skills which are often taken for granted in the business environment. “Mentoring learners in the workplace is a great way for businesses to increase their leadership capacity and both the mentee and mentor are able to learn and gain from the relationship,” states Candice. “Things like communication skills, personal responsibility and time management are what mentoring promote and which are vital for new entrants into the workplace to learn.”

Benefits for the host employer include:

  • Extra assistance with basic administrative tasks in various departments without salary costs
  • Companies who participate will be able to score in line with the revised B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice
  • Host employers will receive a monthly hosting fee for each learner
  • Junior managers become mentors to learners, which increases their growth potential within the business
  • Provides an opportunity for gauging whether embarking on learnerships, as defined by and implemented according to the Best Practices principles of Transformation, is a viable option for the business

As leaders in Skills Development implementation, Progression will manage the selection and placement of appropriate learners aligned to the skills initiative as well as the business needs of the host employer. Both mentor and learner will receive support throughout the process in order to address issues or concerns that may arise. Progression will also provide regular communication around the formal training that the learner will participate in.

Organisations wanting to enquire about becoming host employers should contact Progression on

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